Things to do to get through the Dissertation

Wow! That was a bit of a mouthful!

I’m sat here writing up my dissertation for University, thinking of what I can do to make this time be as enjoyable as possible.  Dissertation is probably one of the most boring and hardest essays you will ever have to do. Like they always say, make sure it’s something you actually can write about and semi enjoy.

So here is my list of what to do to get you through the dissertation blues.

1. Indulge. It’s your dissertation you are allowed to indulge on a subway or the creme egg that’s spying on you in the corner… Go for it!

Had the best subway!
Had the best subway!

2. Make the room that your doing your dissertation in is fresh and inviting. This will make you more likely to do some work.  I’ve just gone out to buy some fresh flowers and make an effort to open the window to get some fresh air and light into my room.

FullSizeRender (3)

3. Listen to some music, or maybe the radio to lighten up your mood and act as background noise. (If this is distracting, turn it off)

4. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water, it’s meant to make you brainy!

5. Eat hearty, healthy foods. This will clear your mind and make you feel less frumpy sat at your desk.

6. Take regular breaks by listening to some tunes, online shop or check out some blogs. Make sure this is only in short bursts.. don’t spend longer than ten mins getting distracted.

7. Get up, walk about and come back to your work.  It’s good to keep moving and sometimes a fresh outlook is best to edit.

8. Get it proof read by your mum, housemate, Uni or lecturer.. a fresh set of eyes helps to spot the mistakes.

9. Reward yourself. Promise yourself a new outfit, once it’s complete. Or a choccie after every thousand or so words.

10. Keep Calm! You will get there, and together we will get our assignment bound and handed in on time.

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