What to do after a presentation

What to do after a presentation

It feels good to close my notes, web links and presentation slides down.  I’ve just completed a presentation for one of my third year modules.  It feels so good to have completed it!

Ahhh I can relax! Here are my top things to do after you have just done a presentation..

1. Treat yourself with food.. I’m opting for a subway but why not a ben and jerry’s ice-cream or a dominoes or a cheeky meal out to celebrate.

2. Celebrate with a nice cold glass of cider, or a glass of wine for the posh folk.  Ah refreshing!

3. Chill on the sofa with a blanket. This is the perfect time to just lie down and chill for a bit! Snuggle up with your blanket and hot water bottle.

4. Stick a cartoon on or catchup on the missed episodes of the Voice.  iplayer is always a good shout!

5. Enjoy the moment of doing nothing at all! This is one of the best times, because all your work is out of the way.. no more worries or stress! You can just let go and relaaaax!

Let me know what you like to do after a presentation

Me happy after my presentation
Me happy after my presentation

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