This Months Wish List

This Months Wish List

So it’s March time, spring and Easter are on the way! So here are some items that are on my wish list this month.  Lets all hope together that the Easter bunny will bring me a new outfit rather than an egg this year! .. Here’s Hoping

1). Mac Makeup lipstick: Ruby Roo £15


Everyone always raves about Mac Makeup, and the truth of it.. I’ve never tried it! I’m a cheap kinda girl.  Although it would be nice to have a very special lipstick that you indulge in for special occasions.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! A girl can never have to many shoes!

2). HETTY Cleated Sole Sandals. £30 Topshop


I love these shoes, these are bound to put a spring in your step!- Haha! I’m too funny! These would look cute with skinny cut off jeans during spring.

3). Raindrops Index cards. £8, Paperchase


If your trying to be more organised like myself, well then you can’t go wrong with organising all your contacts or whatever you organise in there.  I would use mine as a Journalism contact list. Saves me looking through my phone.

4). Sporty Jersey Culottes. £22, Topshop

trousers In love with these beauties.  Everyone has been raving about Culottes (still unsure how to pronounce it), I want to see what all the fuss is about with my own pair.

5). Garden Curtains in Ruby. £35, Urban outfitters


I’m quite a quirky bohemian kinda girl at heart. And these curtains are deffo on my list! There so light and airy and perfect as the summer comes for when the sunshine shines straight through them.  I love everything about this! Wish, Wish, Wish!!!

6). Adventure is calling mug. £12, Urban Outfitters


To those who know me, you will deffo know that this is just me! Anything to do with travel and adventure, I love! And I love this mug in particular because it has a sailor and camping kind of element to it! I just love it 🙂

So although I don’t have the funds to treat myself this month. I hope next month will be full of money opportunities so I am able to grab a bargain or two!

What are your faves this month?

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