Best Feelings in life

1. Not setting an alarm in the morning and allowing yourself to wake up naturally.

2. Handing in an Assignment.  That feeling of accomplishment is pretty spectacular.

3. Getting into bed with clean sheets and shaved legs. No crumbs in the bed, you just let the material run down your smooth silky legs.

4. Warm Towels.  When you leave your towel on the radiator and when you get to it it’s nice and warm.

5. When someone in the car thanks you for letting them out, you feel like a good samaritan.

6. Going to bed after a night out. You have never loved your bed more.

7. Taking your heels off after a night out.  Release those bad boys!

8. Looking in your purse the next day and finding out you had more money than you thought.

9. Buying new clothes. The feeling of bringing all your shopping bags home and trying on your new outfits.

10. Freshly painted nails, When they don’t smudge or chip is the one.

11. Glass of wine after a long day.  Very much needed if you work full time.

12. Cold squash on a warm day.  The feeling of the sun blazing on your back and cold squash is just devine.

13. When your fave song comes on the radio. You wind the windows down in your car and just sing along.

14. Sense of achievement after cooking a homemade meal- mum would be proud.

15. When you feel as though you have been productive and made something of your life.

16. Cup of tea to warm you up.

17. A domino’s pizza.  Just everything about Domino’s makes me feel fantastic.

18. A hug. A hug just makes everything all right.

19. When you eat a bag of chocolate, you go to through it away and realise there is one left.

20. Running sand through your toes.. oh this makes me want to go on holiday!


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