And they call it Puppy Loooovee..

And they call it Puppy Loooovee..

Ahh I have finally gotten round to doing a post about my exciting news.  I have a big announcement.. My boyfriend and I have had a baby!! … A baby dog I mean!

Say hello to my little girl ‘Dottie’
10978582_10153601311058626_3388778267448024915_nDottie is a Chihuahua crossed with a Toy Poodle, although a lot of people have said she looks like a Jack Russel.  She is so small, that my Yorkshire Terrier at home seems huge.  Dottie is currently very active and annoyingly engrossed in everything she’s not meant to.  Because I am a full time student and live with my friends in a University house, I cannot have Dottie live here full time with me.  However because my boyfriend and his mum live in Northampton, Dottie is currently living with them.

Dottie is a present from my boyfriend for our Valentines/ one year Anniversary.  So I feel very lucky to have every girls dream of getting a puppy as a present.  Keep looking out for more related Dottie posts. As she will be going on her first walk in the next few days!

Here are a few puppy snaps
IMG_5984 IMG_5985

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