Things I’m loving this week

Things I’m loving this week

So this week is the start of getting all my work done.  It’s the work hard, keep your head down kind of week. The stresses of third year is finally catching up on me so of course I’m going to rely on a few things this week to get me through the horrible assignment deadlines. For those who are in their Third year of University or have been, you know what I’m going through.

So the things I am loving this week are;

1. My long H&M cardigan. This amazing cardigan is one of my fave items of clothing currently.  I’m writing this sat looking at it hanging on my rail.  What I love about this cardie is that I can wear it with anything, if i’m in my strappy top Pj’s I can just wrap myself up in it and venture downstairs.  I always feel hippy and creative when I wear this cardie because it’s all free flowing.  So as I stress about these deadlines I can just wrap myself up and all my worries can go away! Check it outhere for £15

2. My new speakers.  These speakers are getting me through all these stress related issues with gentle sounds of Ed Sheeran’s voice  Thanks Ed! Ohh… and thanks mum for buying me the speakers.

FullSizeRender (14)

3. My new nails.  There is a girl at my University who does Gel nails for just £6, so as a present to myself especially this week.  I have treated myself to some beautiful nails! For those who live in Northampton check out her facebook page here
. My new book which I had signed by the author after a talk at my University.  He is an amazing freelance writer, check out his blog here.  He is a very inspirational Journalist, I can’t wait to read his book.
5. Knowing ‘My little Box’ is on it’s way just makes me so excited.  This is exactly what I need this week to get me through.  Check out ‘My little Box’ here


What things are you loving this week?

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