What inspires me to write

What inspires me to write

I am sat here attempting to write a presentation about the genocide in Rwanda.  And I’ve hit it! I’ve hit the road block, writers block or what ever they call it.  I’m sat here lighting candles trying to get myself motivated.  But instead I have decided to write a blog post on what motivates me to write.  How contradicting, I know. But doing these things really do motivate me to write.

1. Watching Sex and the City.  Carrie Bradshaw is my idol and watching Sex and the City really inspires me to write.  So thank you Carrie Bradshaw!

2. Light candles: I am obsessed with candles, it make me feel so calm and relaxed and does actually encourage me to write.
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3. Music: I listen to a variety of meditation music which goes well with the candles, to feel more in tune and focused.  Click here to listen.
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4. My Notebook: My book of all my crazy little thoughts is with me everywhere.  Whenever I get an idea I write it straight down in my notebook.
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5. Walk away: Walking away from your computer, makes the thing you were thinking of writing suddenly come back to you.  If your writing an essay, take a break and come back to it.

6. My Laptop: I don’t know why but my laptop really motivates me.  I always have an urge to type things up, so just sitting on my laptop encourages me to write.
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This is me doing anything but work!
This is me doing anything but work!

So those are the things that motivate me to write.  What are yours? I might give them a try 😉

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