My Weekend

My Weekend

I’m back homeeee! I’m back home in Birmingham.  It’s nice to have a weekend away from work, dirty dishes and dirty housemates.  It’s nice to be home where your mum looks after you, your room is clean and you can have sky! My boyfriend and I travelled back home after taking our pup to the vets (I promise a post about my pup is coming your way).  We travelled from Northampton to my little village just outside Birmingham.  It takes us two hours to get home, but with the tunes on the go the journey normally flies by.

I love my life at Uni but then I love my life at home, only in small doses I may add. This weekend we indulged on a little shop, a curry and a night in with the voice.  I haven’t been home since Christmas so it was lovely to see my doggies, my bed and my teddies.  I’ve been treated very well this weekend, not only did I get to see my amazing nephew but I also got bought a new iPhone :O (An early birthday prezzie- even though my birthday isn’t until May) and a paper chase shop.

I love Paperchase, I am a massive geek for stationary and Paperchase fuels my addiction for pretty things.

So here are a few snaps of my purchases, although I only bought the stickers!

Paperchase 11020442_10153661512828626_108245746_n 11031038_10153661510048626_1605647868_o 11051625_10153661510878626_1715520914_nAll purchases are from Paperchase courtesy of my mum and boyfriend.

Stickers: £1
Salt and Pepper Cocka-too: £6
Owl Iphone 6 Case: £12

Here is a snap of my new iphone 6
On sunday we had my brother, his girlfriend and the rest of his kids over including my baby nephew.  We had a Mexican themed evening, with me cooking enchiladas, fajitas, burritos and nachos.  We all wore masks around the dinner table followed by a cute walk in the country.  Love family time. But it is kinda nice to be back at Uni.

So thank you mum for putting up with me.
masksFullSizeRender (1)Aflie and I

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