After my big major assignment is in for third year, I can sit and relax right?.. Haha, who am I kidding.  Third year has got to be the hardest year! So on Thursday after rushing to the assignment office bang on 3pm, I finally submitted my 32 page magazine.  The magazine that you have to design yourself, get content for, interviews and pictures.  Finally it’s all over!

So after all of this I can finally.. get back to what I love best… Blogging!! So be on the look out for some up and coming blogs.

Check out my Refresher Student magazine website here which includes a link to my actual mag. Would love to know what you think.

A Woman Consumed by wander

photo-2This is me looking very cheery knowing that my big Assignment is in! I’m just chilling wearing my yoga pants 🙂 Happy Days!

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