Making the perfect smoothie

Making the perfect smoothie

New year, new me!!! Lets get healthy! Says everyone every year.

Here is a quick guide to make the perfect smoothie for your friends and family and to get you in the healthy mood.

how to make a smoothie

*Fruit (frozen or Fresh)
*0% Fat free Yoghurt
*Smoothie maker or mixer or blender

Step One: Get all your ingredients ready

Step Two: Put your fruit into the smoothie glass, fill half way.

Step Three: Add half of the contents of Yogurt

Step Four: Add the juice until it looks like the right consistency.  You can always add more as you go

Step Five Place on the device and blend until all the fruit has turned to liquid.

Step Six: Check the consistency, and add more ingredients if required.

Step Seven: Go ahead and Drink your new healthy smoothie

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