Christmas at Chalcombe

Christmas at Chalcombe

We had a lovely Uni Christmas dinner last Sunday, which was amazing.  I think that it’s nice to all chip in some money and have a feast!

We had a chicken with all the trimmings; finished nicely with some apple crumble.  We all helped cook and prep the food, with me grating and chopping, my housemate Raisha cooking, Omar carving the chicken and Charlotte cleaning the house.  We all pulled together and made a great Chritmas dinner.  Although during the end of the evening we all got very merry celebrating the holidays.  It’s amazing what £10 each can buy you, so don’t forget to celebrate christmas in your Uni House

We listened to christmas songs, drank prosecco and mulled wine and celebrated Uni Christmas is style.. Oh and pulled some crackers!

Guest List:

Raisha (housemate)
Charlotte (housemate)
Omar (housemate)
Sarjan (housemate)
Luke (boyfriend)
Ben (Charlotte’s boyfriend)

Here are a few snaps; Let me know if you have done the same!

photo 2 photo 1

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