5 Things I would love for Winter

5 Things I would love for Winter

Here are the things that I would love for winter.  But due to lack of funds, these gifts maybe only be available in my mind or maybe for christmas 😉

what I want for winter1. Love, Rosie DVD- I watched this movie in the cinema after reading the book! And it’s one of my favourite movies. This would be perfect during winter, snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and popcorn! £14.50 Amazon

2. I have asked for this mint green Samsung NX compact camera for christmas.  I thought that this would be ideal for blogging.  It takes selfies with a wink, and is in my fave colour.  £269.95 John Lewis

3. Cosy sweater from Topshop.  You can never go wrong with a warm sweater for winter. Topshop £38

4. I need a new dressing gown in my life, and I found this chiffon robe from Topshop which I have fell in love with.  Maybe not appropriate for winter, but coming down the stairs to your presents on christmas day in this would be perfect! Topshop £45

5. My little Box- This is a french company which has recently come to England.  Every month you are greeted with a little box full of goodies such as jewellery, moisturisers and little treats.  Check them out here! £11 month, mylittlebox

Would love to know what your winter wish list is!

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