I am so fortunate

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are, we get consumed and caught up in this fast paced society, that we just forget.  We sometimes forget to be grateful.  I know I have previously done a post about this.  But after seeing several things on the internet, I realise now more than ever that I am lucky!

I am fortunate to be healthy have a healthy family, have enough money to support myself, have career prospects and live in a house.  Others are not so lucky!  And I am not necessarily meaning people in third world countries, but Britain as well.

I have just read a compelling facebook status from a girl who we have mutual friends with about her mothers death.  Her mother had recently been taken away by Cancer, after battling years with the disease.  She has written the most heart wrenching status about how proud she was of her mother, and how she will see her soon.

Another was a radio interview that went viral after a man was talking about having to go into bins to get food, not being able to afford batteries in his radio.  It’s stories like this that make us realise how lucky we are!

The world is messed up there is good and evil.  Be fortunate for who you are and what you have got.  Some people don’t have it so good!

Click ‘here’ for the link to the Independent for the radio interview.

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