You talking to me?


I’m sat in the library, I see people I know yet we don’t make eye contact.  Yes we are not best friends more closer to acquaintances on the scale of friendship.  But why do we live in a day and age where we choose to ignore the people we know.  We walk past them with our head down pretending to be texting on our phones.

Have we lost knowledge of how to be sociable, how to interact as human beings? Or are we too ignorant to spend time having an awkward conversation.  I’m still unsure as to what the meaning is behind those awkward interactions, pretending like we don’t know each other.  I try and make an effort, but when no eye contact is being received it’s a bit of a lost cause.

Maybe it’s technology making it difficult for us to interact in a social setting, maybe facebook has drained our social skills and we are living in a world where social media does all our talking.

Have we really got to the stage where we have to ignore and be rude to people we have spent countless hours interacting with.

Or maybe it’s just that the human race is pretty ignorant, maybe they are not your real friends.  Maybe we just talk to them to pass time, but when you bump into each other it’s too much effort to continue establishing a friendship.

Oh, Just saw someone I knew and they waved!

Maybe it is just me?

A Woman Consumed by wander

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