Black Friday

The rushing of the sales, the crash of online shopping and the evil stare you give the woman eyeing up the last little black dress.  Welcome to Black friday!

yorkishire- black friday

‘Black friday’ an American sale after thanksgiving has seen people grabbing the last television, fighting over bargains and mob like demonstrations waiting for the doors to open.  The black friday American tradition has meant that websites have been crashing, stores have been closing and the security staff have been battling shoppers.  Many shops such as Tesco, Asda, Topshop and Pc world have offered it’s customers discounts up until midnight on Friday 28th November.  A policeman commented on an incident after a woman was injured at a Tesco store in Manchester; “After being hit by a fallen television”.  Shoppers have said that people were behaving like animals buying items that they don’t even need for the sake of saving pennies.  Even in the safety of your own home ‘Black friday’ has shadowed a stressful aroma onto the computer screen.  Making it frustrating when trying to buy items but it being sold out at the last minute or the computer crashing constantly.  The black Friday extravaganza has been introduced to the UK only two years ago, but has captured the attention of shoppers and retailers.  Visa Europe estimated that more than £500m  would be piled onto it’s cards during this period.

A tradition thought by many has ended up being quite literally a battle of bargains.  But aren’t we all a little crazy fighting over the 50% discounts, or has the economic downturn resorted us into scavengers. 



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