Feels so Long

Apologies, for not writing in a while! I seem to have a million things on my plate.  But i’ve returned and am back to business… I have some exciting blog posts coming up so bare with me.  

I have had such a busy couple of weeks, I’ve been on holiday, working, moving in last minute to my uni house, travelling here there and everywhere, getting work experience, applying for jobs! But I know, it’s still no excuse.  

I was on holiday when writing this, and it’s funny that whilst I am on holiday (where your meant to be relaxing) I feel so inspired to write.  Except the only time I get wifi is by the pool.  But I’m normally tempted to jump in the water as the sun is blazing on my back.  


So stay tuned for some exciting blog posts coming up 🙂 

I’ll leave you with a bit of motivation on a wednesday evening 


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