Exciting news

As you probably all know I am a Journalism student, and Journalism itself is a competitive field.  But me being as ballsy as I am, have decided to enter the world of fast paced news.  Whilst I was away on holiday I received some news about some work experience.  I have managed to get work experience with Bauer Media.  For those who do not know what Bauer media is.. it is a corporation in charge of a load of magazines like Zoo, Kerrang, Heat etc.  I will be helping a girl called Katharine England, (Editorial Assistant) at a few car magazines in Peterborough.  Although I have done work experience before, I am excited for this new chapter in my life.  Stay tuned for some blog posts about my new adventure, although it corresponds with my first week of uni.  With that being said, which is more important? Uni work, or work experience.  My thoughts are that your degree is to get you a job doing what you study, but if you get work experience surely it’s better working hands on in the field?

Anyway thought I would share my exciting news, and hopefully this will open some doors for me.  Now to get my business cards sorted! 

A little Motivation for today! 

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