Playing house

bloI have managed to get some work over the summer, in Northampton (where I go to Uni).  But I’ll have to live with my boyfriend for a week.  It kind of works out perfect as his mum is away on holiday for two weeks.  So we’re playing house! Unfortunately after working just three days, all my work got cancelled.  So I have been sitting in the house with the dog, waiting for my boyfriend to come home! Yep, I sound like a lonely old housewife.  But it’s been fun, having the house to ourselves.  I’ve been cooking dinner for him for when he gets home, didn’t realise that I can actually cook.  I’ve been cooking curry, homemade pizza and enchiladas… yummy! We have been going out on date nights for meals and the cinema, and having an early night so we can watch a film and eat ben and jerry’s in bed.  Kind of the perfect set up if you ask me. 

But I think playing house, even just for a week gives you an insight in what it’s like living together, just the two of you.. and the dog! And I think for my partner and I, I think it will be just fine.  Many couples go straight into moving together before they have even had a trial period, even the first holiday is a crucial milestone in the relationship calendar.  Not many couples last a first holiday.. it’s a make or break! And that’s what is coming next. 

So, all in all my week playing house has been fun, cosy, romantic and interesting.  I have learnt a lot about myself; like I can cook, feed animals and water the plants without forgetting.  And I have learnt a lot about our relationship, I think from this trial run when we do eventually get a house of our own, everything will be okay!

Let me know what you think, about playing house. 



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