My wonderful weekend in Blackpool



(Me, Beth and Josie at Kings arms orphanage, Ghana)

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend in Blackpool with my closest friends Josie and Beth.

I met Josie and Beth two years ago when we volunteered in Ghana for six weeks.  We taught english in schools and worked in orphanages.  We lived together for a month until my friends slowly returned back to the UK.  We have stayed in contact since and have seen each other on a number of occasions even though we live hours from each other.  Myself in between Birmingham and Northampton, Josie in Blackpool and Beth in Burnley.  We have become so close, and although we don’t see each other every day, I know that they are just a phone call away and are truly my best friends.  Whilst in Ghana we were known as Obruni’s (which means white person).  So since we returned we all had ‘Obruni’ tattooed on our foot, a symbol of friendship. 


This occasion was the celebration of Beth having her first baby; Oliver.  

I took my boyfriend to meet my famous Obruni sisters, and we had a fantastic time.  Josie was their with her little Jack Russel; Alfie and we began out touristy day.  

We dropped our bags off at Josie and her boyfriend Colins house and we went and had fish and chips on the prom.  Lukey (my boyfriend) played with the dog whilst Josie and I reminisced on old Ghana times.  Josie’s brother arrived and we teased him about his new girl whilst he was stealing Josie’s chips! Cheeeeeeky! 

Afterwards we drove to Blackpool and walked along the beach, ate Doughnuts and ice-cream and watched Lukey and Alfie (the dog) play with the bright orange ball.  Whilst Josie and I were in fits of laughter!










We arrived home and both Alife and Lukey were conked out, they had such an amazing time together.  


Whilst lukey went to have a bath in Josie’s jacuzi bath, which is pretty spectacular.  We went to get food for tonights dinner and cider.  When we arrived back I gave Josie a few little bits to say well done on your new job (Designer at Matalan) and thanks for having us.  And a little photo frame that I got her from Uganda.  Colin took a few hours off from work so we talked had fajita’s, cider, beer and watched some weird movie that I ended up liking.  We went to bed, ready for the following day when we will be reunited with Beth.  




Had a lovely well deserved lye in, and began the day with a croissant (with nutela of course).  We waited for Colin to return and then we made our way to Burnley (where beth lives).  After an hours drive we were greeted at the door by a tiny, pretty, scrummy mummy with a broad Burnley accent.  It was Beth… It was so lovely to see her, she looked amazing considered she gave birth three weeks ago and had a C section.  We met the family including Beth’s mum who is lovely and Stevo (Beth’s boyfriend).  We drove to a little quaint cafe called fat giraffe.  And had cuddles with Oliver, ate amazing food, laughed for hours and reminisced on our friendship.  I had a fabulous time and cannot wait to return to see my obruni sisters and to watch Oliver grow.  They call me Pest and to Oliver I am known as Auntie Pest.  It was a truly magical weekend, and I never wanted to go home.  

Here are a few pics of my spectacular weekend with my besties.


Pest (me) and Josie 


Me, Lukey, Colin


Colin, Auntie Josie, Baby Oliver


Colin, Auntie Josie and Baby Oliver


The little Family-     Beth, Baby Oliver, stevo


mummy, Baby oliver, daddy



Auntie Pest (me), Baby oliver, lukey


Auntie Pest and Oliver


The gang

10517590_10203638569797073_219581096347764038_nThe Obruni’s and Oliver

Obruni love 

Welcome to the obruni family Oliver





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