Beauty products I can’t live without

This is a blog post about the Beauty products that I use on a daily basis, and products I could not live without.

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‘Tea Tree foaming face wash’.  This is a new purchase, that cost me £1, I use it morning and night.  This amazing products make my skin smooth and tight.  An excellent purchase!

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‘Simple face moisturiser’  I use this after I have washed my face day and night.  These can be purchased from Boots and other Supermarkets.  I’ve used this for years, and am still on my first tub.  It is also great for sensitive skin

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‘Exfoliating Face wipes’.  These particular face wipes are to cleanse and remove makeup.  I use these both in the morning and at night.  The wipes itself has raised spots to exfoliate your face.  Get these at any supermarket.. you will not regret it!

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‘Protect Moisturiser’. This moisturiser is perfect for summer, it keeps skin moisturised but also includes a tan enhancer.  I use this every morning… Take this on holiday and use it to keep your tan and to avoid peeling. Purchase from Asda

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‘Sit Tight Intense- Soap and Glory’

This product aims to make skin firmer.  I use this in cellulite areas like my thighs.  It smells minty and has a burning feeling… but this product has excellent results.  A must have before holiday! Get this from Boots



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Let me know what the products you own that you couldn’t live without




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