Where would I be without my diary?

In a ditch somewhere..

photo 1-2

I often ask myself this question, and continuously wonder how I’ve survived.  I have never kept a diary before, I simply relied on my memory.  That said! My memory is really not that great! 

I got given my diary for christmas and since then it has been by my side, inside my handbag and at my bed side table.  I have highlighted notes, post it notes and stickers all over my bible.  My life is action packed with meetings, training days, social events, nights out, dates etc.  So I ask you, (referring to people without diaries) how do you function? How do you not double book? How do you not forget to meet people? How do you know where and what time?

photo 2-2

I urge anyone and everyone to go out and get yourself a diary! This is the 21st Century, this is your life to make dates, arrange to meet friends and family and have date nights! So Get your bum to Paperchase and purchase a diary.. you will not regret the decision..

Here are a few of my favourites 

Parrot diary

Gaucho Glam diary

Oh that reminds me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow



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