photo 1-3It’s so nice to take the dogs out for a long walk on a beautiful summers day.  It’s so much better than being cooped up in the house.  Walking does amazing things to our health, but what are the true benefits of just taking the dogs out for a little walk?   


  • Saves your mind- No, I’m not going mad! Walking lowers your risk of dementia
  • Tones your legs, bums and tums… Perfect for getting into shape for the summer
  • Save money- No need for a gym membership
  • Boosts Vitamin D levels
  • Gives you energy- Makes you fitter and healthier
  • Strengthens your heart- Reduced your risk of Heart disease
  • Improves your sex life- There is a correlation in studies between exercise and satisfaction in a persons sex life
  • Makes you happy 🙂 Exercise releases endorphins which in turn make you happy

So go on, go outside at put your wellies on.. You have no excuse to not be walking! 

photo 2-3


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