Muzungu.. How are you?

ugandaI’ve returned from a world where children play with plastic bottles, adults wear rags, chickens wander the fields, meat is surrounded by flies hung all day in the heat and where shoes cease to exist.  I’ve come from a world where there is nothing yet laughter, people unaware of how miserable their circumstance is and unaware of how the other side live.  I’ve come from a world where an old tyre can impose such joy, where a plastic bag can be made into a kite and where a stick is a child’s best friend.


I’ve returned from an adventure, seen by few.  Where poverty is rife and despair is common; In this idillic setting where nokia’s replace iphones, bare feet replace shoes, radio’s replace Ipads and happiness replaces misery.  It makes you question who is more happy? Those who have nothing or those who have too much?


I haven’t seen the media’s perception of a third world country.  Where children cry all day with bulging bellies and flies around them.  I see the happiness that they possess from a plastic bottle on a bit of string.  They have ripped clothes, no underwear and a shaved head… yet they don’t moan.


This is a world I would much rather live in, I am a muzungu … “How are you?”



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