Major University Blues


I don’t know about anyone else; but after the stress of exams, the rush of assignments and the looming deadlines.. I’m feeling pretty blue. I have returned home to a life of lazy pyjama days, no work and no alarms… a Students dream, right?

Wrong! my life seems to have lost meaning with nothing to do for nearly three months, Parents would kill for this lifestyle yet, I would kill for their’s! I enjoy being active in the sense of having things to do, yes I can arrange cinema trips, shopping dates and movie nights… let’s just get some money off my money tree.

Take me back to University where I can thrive and be stimulated from the work load and the stresses. Where my diary is packed with notes, my alarm is set early and my legs hurt from running around.

So here is some tips to get you through the bore of the holidays before your next University adventure.

  • Get a hobby- Write a blog, take up photography, learn to wind surf, stamp collect… take your mind off boredom
  • Read more- you have extra time on your hands… read; don’t just save it for when you are on holiday! Reading improves your english and makes you more clever
  • Walk- Enjoy the fresh air, walk for hours with just yourself or your dog
  • Get work experience- The summer is your time to get some work experience to make you more attractive to employers! Apply everywhere!
  • Visit family and friends… Visit the people you neglect at University and enjoy their company! You don’t necessarily have to spend money! just chill, talk, cook and gossip



  1. 06/08/2014 / 03:57

    I find that during the year, I’m always so busy and stressed, I just want some time for myself to relax. But after about a week of free time, I’m always bored out of my mind and want something to do. For better or for worse, I’ve been kept pretty busy for the past few summers though. I usually take extra courses in the summer, and those always keep me super busy.

    • 06/08/2014 / 11:57

      Wow! that’s fantastic.. I think it’s always better to keep busy during the summer, it’s great you use your time well 🙂 I should look into that! Thanks for the comment x

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