Moving on


I’m sat here surrounded by boxes and paint, unable to move for fear of treading on something sentimental.  Another year has gone, second year is finally over.  Feels weird to know that the family we had forged for over two years is breaking.  And that my friends are all heading in separate directions.  Mad how many memories we have made together, and mad to think that the six of us won’t be living under the same roof again! We’ve had tears, laughter, highs and lows… but from it all we have become lifetime friends! 

They always say that University is where you make your lifetime friends.  And I am almost confident that I have made it in these special people.  The house is empty as it’s just me sitting in the half bare almost clean home which is now just a house.  three have already gone, and just three remain! I’ll be leaving for home tomorrow evening, and will be saying goodbye to the house full of memories and the crazy friends.  Although I’ll be back third year, three of them won’t be! It seems unreal at how quickly time has gone.  Within a blink of an eye it’s all over. 

I thank my friends and housemates for a fantastic year in our drama house and another fantastic year in halls… Good luck to George on his placement year, I’ll know you’ll do good and be down every weekend visiting.  Good luck to Katie, I know your only commuting so I better see your face around.  And good luck to Callum on whatever you decide to do next year! 

..But here’s to more memories and to making more friends… Bring on third and final year! 

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