Another adventure


Not long now till I embark on another adventure. Just five days to go until I’m on the plane flying to Uganda in East Africa.  Quite exciting!

I’ll be spending five weeks leading a team of volunteers in building a playground for a rural school.  Living, eating and eersing myself in the Ugandan culture.  I’ll be blogging about my adventure, and keep regular updates so you know what I’ll be up to!

Here are my top things to remember when travelling to the third world.

  • Always remember the essentials: Mosquito repellent and malaria tablets are important as malaria is rife.
  • Always take a travel journal to make a diary of your adventures… Afterwards you’ll probably forget.
  • Take endless amount of photos and make endless memories.. The kids loving photo’s taken.
  • Try not to give things such as food or snacks to the locals… They already have an image that Westerners have loads of money this will only aid to the debate,
  • Make friends with the locals and don’t be discouraged when they ask for money or for you to buy their wooden handicrafts.  They are not scary just trying trying to make a living.
  • Barter! Third world countries cost of living is cheap.  You should always pay half of what they are offering you… This is just the way of the markets
  • Embrace and emerse yourself in the culture and way of life.  Remember travel broadens the mind! Go to the toilet down a long drop, eat the local foods with your hands and learn the local tribe languages.


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