Festival frenzy


Festivals are not only the place for great music but fashion too!  Nowadays festivals seem like a fashion show for like minded teens and young adults.  

So with the festival season fast approaching.  We are providing the fashion do’s for festivals to keep up with the designer wellies and the short shorts.  

*Bring wellies.. with the muddy maddness wellies are a MUST.  But remember to wear high socks to avoid chafing.  

*Trousers are probably a no no! it will probably get too hot for trousers.  Opt for shorts, or a dress.

*Tie dye is a great festival fave! Wear a tie dye T-shirt to get into the summer vibe

*A straw hat will not only protect your head from the sun but also look ever cool with dungarees

*Aviator or vintage style sunglasses are a must for a festival frenzy! Bring a second pair in case you break the first.    

*A playsuit is the perfect outfit to look summery but also have the freedom to run around and do cartwheels.  Although not the best when you go into the portaloo.  Image

What’s on 


When? 17th July 2014

Where? Suffolk

Why? Similar to a continental festival

Global gathering

When? 25th July 2014

Where? Warwickshire

Why? An banging dance music festival

V fest 

when? 16th-17th August

Where? Chelmsford and Staffordshire

Why? Originally a rock festival, but pop is taking over.  Expect big names


When? 22nd-24th August 2014

Where? Reading

Why? Reading festival has it all


When? 22nd August 2014

Where? Leeds

Why? This festival has a bit of everything


when? 22nd-24th August 2014

Where? Daresbury. Halton, Cheshire

Why? The world’s largest dance music festival


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