Duvet Day


Don’t you love those days where you can just lounge around the house in your pyjamas.. not have a care in the world.  To not even brush your hair or teeth! But what makes the perfect duvet day?… a good girly film.  So bring your duvet down to the lounge, lye on the sofa and put the popcorn in the microwave and get ready for my top 10 best girly duvet day films.

1.  Marley and Me- one of the greatest films to watch when your snuggled up, although make sure you have a box of tissues close to you! 
2. Remember me
3. One day
4. 500 days of summer
5. Sex and the city
6. Little mermaid
7. Dear John
8. The notebook
9. 13 going on 30
10. Something borrowed

So go get your slippers on and stick the kettle on, because now is the time for a girly day in front of the television with not a care or worry in the world, 

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