The perils of shared accommodation

ImageEveryone always goes on about the transition from halls to shared accommodation, about it being amazing right? You get to live with your friends, have a double bed and not worry about fire alarms going off at 3am.  That’s all well and good, but is that the normality of shared houses?…. not for me it isn’t.  I am living in a seven bed mixed gender house with 8 people including myself.  Boyfriends and girlfriend’s come to stay.  This house is quite frankly a mad house when we’re all here.

When shared accommodation doesn’t quite go your way and you have your friends drop out, it’s up to you and your landlord to find you new housemates.  WARNING!! Make sure that they are normal.   We had one encounter when a guy had to replaced, and was replaced by an absolute weirdo! Otherwise known as Pedderfile..


This individual had a few issues that we accepted and tried to overcome.  However after just weeks of living with this man, we knew that we had had quite enough drama!  Incidents would happen, yelling would occur, arguing and a few slaps here and there.  I here you asking what was so bad about Pedderfile….. well, I reply.. let me write a list for you…

  • Using pots, pans, cutlery and plates and not washing up afterwards
  • Wanking in the bathroom sink
  • Constantly referring to myself as a slag (because he fancied me)
  • Watched T.V really loud at 4am
  • Invited friends over who poured beer all over our sofa and wanked in one of my housemates bra (and never even told her)
  • Had an accident in the toilet leaving feces on the door handle, lock, toilet etc.

…. Other incidents occurred during his housing period.


So…. I ask you to revaluate, is shared housing really better than halls? Let me tell you why halls are better…

  •  You make friends with the people you live with (even though in the real world you wouldn’t necessarily hang out with them)
  • You have locks on your cupboards (nobody can steal your nando’s sauce)
  • When you walk outside you see everyone you know, and can catch up on route to lectures
  • You can have an extra hour in bed because your lecture is just 2 minutes away
  • You have your own on-suite (in some cases) nobody can poo on your door handles
  • You have a cleaner come in to clean your room and kitchen (no need to spend £15 on cleaning products)
  • You live with a group of strangers for a year who have different interests and friends and you somehow  become life long friends

These are just a few examples of why halls are better

Living in a shared accommodation is all well and good if your sure you and all your housemates will get on, and that there will be no confrontation over who should take the recycling bins out, or who didn’t lock the door behind them at 3am.

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