When are you official?


My mum asked me the other week if me and the boy that I was seeing were official yet… I replied “We’re just seeing each other”.  So when do you know when your official?


It’s changed since my mum and my auntie were younger… They think that if your going on dates that you are in a relationship with someone.  But times have changed and there are certain steps that lead to the boyfriend and girlfriend stage.  The boy that I was seeing had been on for a month now, and he was yet to officially ask me out! Me being me, hinted like hell for him to say the question “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Time passed and he still hadn’t asked.. we discussed that we both didn’t want each other to see other people… so why hasn’t he asked me!  I often thought!! 

In this generation young people are a lot wilder and less conservative, thus meaning most young people are a lot looser than what they used to be.  With this being said I ask you the reader.. “When are you official?”

Is the man supposed to ask you? or is it just presumed that because your not allowed to explore different avenues 😉 that you are official? or do you wait for the dreaded relationship change on facebook?

So…. After meeting each others parents, spending days in our PJ’s watching movies he finally asked me with a drunken phone call!…. I know how romantic! 

“You know I like you a lot” he said drunkenly down the phone and “I never say serious things to you when i’m sober, but we are basically going out aren’t we?”…

EXCUSE ME! (I’ve been hanging on for the romantic gesture and cute conversation but instead I got “I mean we’re basically going out”.  

I responded “Are we?” you have to actually ask me… he did eventually rather cringely I might add.

He asked me properly again when he was sober and we were actually face to face… So we’re official! Finally. 




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