Should you listen to your friends?


The question I have been pondering about is whether you should follow your gut or listen to your friends… after all their just looking out for you right? 

I have been dating this boy for about a month now, I feel like we’re perfect together! He’s the male version of me, talkative, funny and caring! But when you describe him to your friends, they fail to see the chemistry and spark that you possess.

The boy that I’m with is so wrong yet so right for me.. (if that makes sense) we match, yet he is useless! 

In a relationship according to my friends the boy is meant to take you out, buy you dinner, text you everyday and want to make effort with you! …But why doesn’t my boy do that? Is he just not that into me? or has chivalry just died and taken the romance away with it?

It’s too soon to strike up an argument and complain that he never has money to take me out, yet we live in a day of age where men and women are equal.  So shouldn’t I, always drive to his house because he can’t afford to see me? I know that I like him a lot and that I want us to work… but is there a future for a man that can’t even seem to afford a bus fair because he’d rather spend the money on food and going out? 

I sat in the bar drinking my sex on the beach… and my friends ask “what is it you like about him”?; “Everything” I reply, They respond “You must be able to make a list”… I know the list, I just don’t share it with the world….
Or am I just avoiding the fact that although we are so right for each other we are in fact so wrong! 

My friends tell me to play hard to get, let him chase you and whoo you! So… I shall listen and take on board their advice, and let you know how things go! 

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