Miss September; Entry 7

I think I need to make some changes for not only Mr September but for me too! My friends are so much skinnier than me.. I have no idea why all of my friends and slim and pretty. I need to adopt some ugly friends to make me feel better about myself. I told one of my friends that I refuse to go on a girls holiday unless we invite a really fat girl! So firstly I need to lose weight; i’ve been chubby for a while and being short it never looks good. So first step to lose more weight. I also need to change the colour of my hair. At the moment i’ve got dark brown roots and ginger/ auburn colour on the rest. I have naturally dark brown hair but from a young age I started dying it red. And when I have finally had enough of red it doesn’t go away not matter what colour i dye it. So two boxes of dark brown are needed.

When ever I have a break up I always either dye my hair or get a piercing. I need a new piercing! I only have 5 so far all on my ears. So a new cool tragus piercing is required for this transition. I also need a job so i have money for waxing. Shaving has become such an effort now… Waxing is the new me! Soo lets see…

* lose weight- secretly go to your weight watcher classes.
* dye my hair- use two boxes so it won’t go back to red.
* new piercing- you sometimes need a change
* get a job so you can wax rather than shave- less effort and lasts longer
* join a sports team at Uni- I’m not sporty so rounders is the best option
*be nice to everyone- nobody likes the mean girls
*get eye brows waxed asap- they are like bushes

Think that’s all for now



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