Miss September diary; entry 1

Carrie Bradshaw once said that “the rule of life is that everything you have always wanted comes the very second you stop looking for it”… Although a fictional character she is a role model to many lonely, desperate women (me being one). These are wise words coming from the man obsessed Manhattan gal! It’s the month of September….the month that I was told by my fortune teller to watch out for. This supposedly is the month where everything changes, the month where things are going to happen and when I’m going to meet my Mr September. I’ve been waiting for September 8 months now… Patiently waiting to meet the boy! I followed Carries wise words and tried not to dream too big and want it too much! But let’s face it a year of being single gets a tad boring… So that wait begins, the man I’ve been waiting that past year or so for.
Your most likely think that I am an idiot for listening and believing in sme mystical power that can contact the dead. But believe it or not, I am a believer!
Pat (my fortune teller) told me many things when I went to visit her in February. She instantly met with a man from the spirit world who had already told her that he was my grandad… My nan came through as well! They told Pat that a baby in the family was soon to be born… About two weeks ago I found out that my cousin had a baby.  She also told me that I would be travelling overseas but not for a holiday.  In June I spent a month in Uganda building a playground. So you can see why I believe and why I am still hopeful of Mr September!

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