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The new programme “The Intern” has hit our T.V screens on channel 4.  This innovative is amazing giving young adults the opportunity to do their dream job in a variety of different industries.  Due to unemployment on the rise, the demand for qualifications so high and less companies employing people with lack of experiences young people are at the front of the firing line.  This programmes invites three young adults to have a shot at an internship of their dreams.  Hilary Devey’s passion is second to none, wanting to give people who would ordinarily have no chance of their dream job provide them with a stepping stone.  Although it’s not all rosy, Devey stages scenarios such as awkward customers, accidents and outrageous briefs.  Using professional actors and celebrities briefed to make the interns life hell, and to see whether the Interns have the innovative to deal with the situation in the best possible way.

This is such a feel good programme allowing people from all walks of life get an opportunity to make it in industries such as journalism, property developing, fashion and publishing.  This is a must see!

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