1.1 million of taxpayers money spent on gypsy site

Taxpayers hard earned cash is being spent on a travellers site.  The woodland beauty spot set out in Haldon Hill, near Exter, Devon has been home to 50 travellers.  The travellers had been using the site illegally for 12 years, now finally getting permission from the Teignbridge District Council with 15 official plots for “New travellers”.  This is said to be the first gypsy camp of it’s kind in Britain.  The site will include communal allotments, children’s play areas and composting bins, the site also includes luxuries such as electricity, running water, showers, toilets, roads, visitor parking plus a site manager to deal with any issues.  These travellers have taken up residence since August 2001 growing into a camp with old buses, caravans, cars, huts and shelters.  The local authority granted permission as they believe with this innovative the site will look a lot cleaner and less intrusive. “The site could not stay how it was” said Philip Vogel- Council’s spokesman, he goes on to say; “Residents did not have access to basic sanitation, the encampment was unauthorised and it was having a negative effect on the community and surroundings”.  Opponents believe that the site should be cleared and travellers moved on.  Driving past the camp many people say made them feel unsafe with a skull disco ball hanging from a tree, dogs snarling, fires burning and a sign saying “Thatcher? Good riddance”.  The department of communities and local Government said last year that they are using £60 million of tax payers money to create more sites for gypsies.


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