Why is design important?

Just another Journalism post……. 

Design is important as it attracts interest, designs that are colourful, attractive and eye catching interest the reader more.  Design provides a focal point to get the point across and capture a concept.  Design in regard to font is also significant, font needs to be clear in order to be easily read and understood.  The font size should accommodate the reader; for older readers the font type should be bigger and clearer than those for a younger audience.    
What makes good font
  • Legibility- Legibility is important to ensure that the document can be readable.
  • Kerning (spaces between letters)- too tight or too loose means that the word is difficult to read, it’s important that the space between the letters is just right.
  • Consistent characteristics- The width of the letters should be consistent avoid letters that are too wide or too thin.  
“A good typeface creates an emotional response in relation to the message it is conveying”.  

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