What makes a good press image- journalism

A good press image is a photograph that is able to tell a story, it should be eye catching to entice the reader and to keep them engrossed to digest the story.  When taking a good photo photographers suggest taking an interesting or emotional angle.  As well as this the press image must always be relevant to the story, it also must contain both quality and clarity.  The photographers aim is to evoke the reader, to spur a reaction yet be distinctive and different from other press images.  When taking a good press photo, lighting should be a crucial element during the process.  The image should be simple to avoid the audience being distracted from the key factor in the story.  It’s important to have an imaginative photograph and to be able to think of the wider story.  Good press images are able to capture the emotion or action of the story they are photographing.


This press image identifies the key themes that are required for a good press image.  This image tells the story without the need for a caption, it portrays the emotions and action of that particular event.


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