Mark Edwards- Editorial Director of the Peterborough Telegraph


Subject futures week saw the faces of many inspirational journalists, one of which is Mark Edwards- Editorial director for the Peterborough weekly Telegraph who also oversaw weekly papers round the area.

 Mark has done many roles within journalism, he started with a degree in humanities, his dream was to be a journalist or a teacher because he enjoyed English and writing.  In University he was involved in many publications, he says he was very lucky with his first job, he got the job because of one sentence ”It’s been such a Welcoming addition to local letterbox over the past years”.  When it comes to a job after a certain level of academic acceptability employers look at you as a person and what they see in front of you and whather you can do that job.

Mark told the audience that he was very enthusiastic in his first job role and volunteered for everything, he recommends that people that do the same.  You have to do the full gamut of journalistic work- he had such a good portfolio when he wanted to start climbing up the ladder.  His keen interest was news he enjoyed listening to people’s perspectives and found it very stimulating hearing things unfold.

Mark Edwards feels that he was a brave reporter and shared many stories with the young journalists such as trespassing on military lands.  Mark goes on to talk about his change in roles from a reporter to an editor telling us thatr his attitude to news changed, he had to provide the information that the public needed.  His experiences that he shared in the talk were very interesting.  He talked about The Peterborough Telegraph and the change to a weekly newspaper from a daily.  Mark Edwards also shared his thoughts on the future for newspapers.

What inspired me the most about the talk was Mark being the first person to talk to Earl Spencer after the death of Dianna. He wrote to Earl Spencer and just asked nicely “Local people deserve an answer and we your local paper have no agenda”.  I found this story very motivating that even local newspapers have the opportunity to interview and report on world wide issues.

The key quote that Mark Edwards said in his talk was that… “Bravado is not the reason to do a story but revealing importance is”.

Mark finished by saying that he would happily do his career over again..”What job can you do when you get up in the morning whether it’s a jumble sale or an interview with someone it’s exciting- you get a rush, one day it’s there the next it’s gone.  You’ll never be bored”.

I found this talk also very motivating, Mark Edwards is a very talented individual his passion for journalism is clear and his love of news is refreshing and exciting.  I will take away from this talk his advice about journalism and what he as an employer looks for.

Mark Edwards advice

  • You’ll never be bored
  • You won’t be earning fortunes
  • Try to learn shorthand for court
  • Room for everyone in journalism
  • Need a good level of academic achievement
  • Need a passion for the job
  • Be a strong character and a fair character
  • Mature in their personality that can handle different situations
  • Have courage
  • Be polite and professional
  • Be enthusiastic 



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