Claire Prosser- BBC trainee scheme



Claire Prosser

Head of the BBC trainee scheme

Just another journalism post….Head of the Journalism Trainee scheme Claire Prosser joined subject futures week to talk about the exciting opportunity for journalists.

I found the talk that Claire presented very interesting, she talked about the BBC trainee scheme in depth and told us that “two and a half thousand people apply for the scheme and only twelve are chosen”.  Claire goes onto say that it’s about passion and potential not about education.  Claire Prosser inspired and encouraged me to try and get work experience as she added that work experience is vital.  This was my first and probably favorite talk from the Chronicle week, I felt both stimulated and enthusiastic when the talk was over.  Overall I took a lot of valuable information and advice away from the talk, it has made me more excited about my career in journalism and who knows maybe I’d be on the scheme in a few years time.

Claire Prosser’s advice

  • Need to be tough and be able to work whenever
  • Need work experience
  • Make an opinionated view
  • Always tweet and blog
  • Need to be a good writer, have people skills and have something about yourself to stand out
  • Always make contacts
  • Finally… Be honest, Passionate, interesting, accurate and should have life experience   

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