Andre Collins- Ex northampton student with a huge C.V and vast array of skills

ImageJust another journalism blog…..Andrew Collins came into Northampton University chronicles week to talk about his career within Journalism, reminiscing on when he was at University and bringing in a collection of memories.

Ex Northampton Student Andrew Collins has done a variety of different roles within the sector of Journalism.  Beginning his career with a  passion for cartoons, Andrew tried desperately to become a cartoonist.  Sending his cartoons to many newspapers, his advice to us all… “never give up”.  John Mair added at the beginning  of the talk with Andrew, that he is probably the best known graduate of Northampton University.  Which in itself inspired me even more to begin my career within journalism.  Andrew blames his varied media career on luck and serendipity.  Andrew Collins bought in various memories with rejection letters for his cartoons from people such as John Blake, his first comic book, pay slip from the NME £49.08 for a days work, pictures and a Polish playboy magazine.

His beginning in showbiz was becoming the assistant arts editor for NME.  From that day forward he decided he was going to be a journalist for the NME.  He asked to write a film review and ironically had the opportunity to write for NME.  He eventually became features editor for two years until he resigned… “the stupidest thing I did”.  Andrew Collins commented that he was very bad at job hopping, working in Que, Empire, NME, ITV he goes on to say that he’s very indecisive like a magpie who gets distracted by shiny things (constantly moving about and still is).  Andrew goes on to say “whenever I’m doing something I  feel like I’m wasting my time when I could be doing something else”.  The one thing he wants to pursue is script writing, he believes it’s the most satisfying thing with actors and comedians making your work breathe.  Andrew Collins did did script writing in `Family affairs` and `Eastenders` which he believes was the most hardest but equally the most rewarding job he had ever done.  Andrew believes that now he seems to be Stuck in comedy which is quite mechanical when it comes to the writing but his ambition now is to write drama for television.

Andrew Collins is a very inspirational speaker, his career in a variety of different elements is motivating and encouraging.  His career itself is fascinating, with a huge multitude of knowledge and life experience.  Andrew Collins is probably one of my favorite guest speakers of the chronicle week, he’s very proud of his work, bringing in his memories and stories of his lifetime of accomplishments.  He blames his life experiences on luck and serendipity but maybe he’s where he is now because he’s a talented individual.


Andrew Collins advice

  • Be nice to everybody- you will cross paths again
  • Be polite, spell check, turn up on time, deliver a copy on time, don’t moan and do as your told
  • Don’t have to much of an idea of where you want to end up
  • Always ask, if you don’t ask you don’t get
  • Be prepared to do things for free



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