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I’m going to Uganda in June 2013 for a month to help build a playground with the charity East African Playground (EAP).  I would appreciate any donations that you may have to help my fund.  Here is a brief explanation on where the money goes and about my trip 🙂

Donate at ……. http://www.justgiving.com/Esther-Gittoes




My Trip to Ghana July 2012


The money that is donated will go towards my trip to Uganda.  The money raised will help towards the project EAP (East African playgrounds) who hirer workmen and volunteers to build playgrounds in schools over Uganda.  Play is vital to allow children to explore the world around them developing their imaginary senses, problem solving, social skills and creativity.  Children’s play is important it helps them physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and cognitively.  It also encourages children to learn for themselves and become involved with more explorative play.   Playground apparatus is also important to provide children with the opportunity to enjoy their childhood.  The money raised will make a huge impact to not only provide me with a once in a lifetime opportunity but to also provide children of Uganda with opportunities.  The money not only helps build playgrounds in the schools of Uganda but also helps employ tradesman from the Ugandan community.  EAP also runs games and arts programs helping children creatively, training opportunities is also provided for many young people across East Africa.  This is a great way to help employment within the community whilst encouraging children to experience childhood and stimulate play.  The playground apparatus is an excellent method to stimulate children’s play, as it would be durable allowing many children to continue to play on it for many years.  last year I had previously volunteered  in Ghana for six weeks teaching and working in orphanages.  Because of that experience I knew that I wanted to continue working with charities and volunteer organisations in third world nations.  The trip to Uganda will be an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to many things during my visit.  But I am most looking forward to seeing the children play on the equipment and seeing all our hard work come to life, to be able to watch it being enjoyed and appreciated.  I am also looking forward to working with the local community as I enjoy socialising with people from all walks of life and learning their customs and way of life.  I am also looking forward to working alongside other volunteers and sharing this experience with them, lifelong bonds are sure to be established.  I am very much interested in working for charities in my career or more overseas projects hence my course of International development.  I think that this opportunity will enable myself to experience a whole new way of life and to broaden my horizon.    


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